Step 1 - Consultation With Colleen Primm

I will meet with you in your home and we will discuss your project and see if we are a right fit for each other. I will provide you with design advice and recommendations. We also discuss details such as your goals for the space, your design aesthetic, how you will be using the space, your time frame for completion, and your budget. I will also go over my Welcome Packet with you. 

Step 2 - Deciding to Work Together

At the end of the Interior Design Consultation we will be able to know if your project will turn into a full service project. At that time we will go over a Letter of Agreement and we outline the scope of work for the entire project. We will also set up a meeting for Step 3.

Step 3 -Site Measure And Planning Day 

This is where I invite all the trades that will be involved in the process for a site visit to discuss the project and to take measurements and photos. Each trade will each provide a written estimate outlining their scope of work and the cost for labor and/or materials. If we don’t need any trades people for the project I will take measurements in Step 2.

Step 4 - The Design

This is where I get my creative juices flowing and design your project. This involves sourcing all materials, fixtures and furnishings. If we need trades people on your project I will work closely with them so that we remain in your budget. 

Step 5 - Presentation of Your Design 

Design reveal day! I will come to your home and show you all of the designs your project. This can includes a color scheme, mood board, fabric samples, furniture selections and budget breakdown including estimated costs for any work by trades. One revision is included and must be requested at this meeting. Once you have decided you want to move forward we will sign a contract which out lines in detail expectations for your project. Also 50% of of total budget is due at this time so that I can get started ordering items. 

Step 6 - Order Items and Start Receiving Items 

This is where all items are ordered are received at my receiver. While there, items are inspected for damages, tagged and stored for the big installation day. I prefer to install in one day instead of several different deliveries arriving onsite. There are times when items need to be installed prior to the big day, like window treatments or waiting of a room.

Step 7 - Reveal Day

This is the day you have been waiting for! I will kick you out of your home for a day and my receiver will deliver all your items. I will get everything set up for your space and you will come home to the beautiful space that you have been dreaming about.

Step 8 - Resolving Deficiencies 

Thankfully, this step is not needed in most cases, but we make sure that you will be happy with your finished space. If there is anything missing or you are unsatisfied with something, I will work on getting it corrected for you.

Step 9 -  Photography 

We will discuss a convenient day for me to schedule a professional photographer to shoot pictures of the project. This part of the project is pay for by Colleen Primm Design so that the pictures can be used on the website, social media or in print.